Good news.
6 января 2019, 03:11

Dear investors!

Good news.

As we announced earlier went to VAN NUYS, CALIFORNIA

auction with participation of our cars. As a result cars


are leased for display at the Retro Classic 2019 exhibition.

Income of 35% in 3 days.


In this regard for encouragement of the investors

The Retro Car Industrial LTD company announces competition

in which all active investors will take part!!!

The participant list is placed on Telegram channel and will be daily updated.


3 prize-winning places

1-Prize of $100

2-Prize of $50

3-Prize of $25


The more deposits it is created, the chance of a prize is more.



For participation it is necessary to create a deposit from $25 to $500

до 12-00 (Moscow Standard Time (MSK), UTC3) 09.01.2018г.

(those who made a contribution earlier too participates)


The draw will take place at 20-00 (Moscow Standard Time (MSK), UTC 3) of 09.01.2018.

Winners will be declared in the video on our You Tube channel and the Telegram messenger.


But there is more to come!!!

In this period we give a bonus (2% of the deposit amount) to new deposits according to plans "4.1% resale of cars", "4.2% restoration of cars" which will be enlisted Ana your account.


According to the plan of "4.3% Restoration of cars" works a permanent bonus of 5%.


It is impossible to chase money – it is necessary to meet requirements of them!

Yours faithfully, Retro Car Industrial team

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